Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Beating Heart

I have a bunch of totally awesome friends that are just as talented and artistic as I am :) Anyway, one of these awesome friends, Cory Keena, wrote a great prose piece and with his blessing, I am now sharing it with you. It's called A Beating Heart

This beating heart, it throbs and aches and beats until by chest cracks and heaves and it tries to fight its way out of its bone and flesh prison. It beats louder, faster. I can hear it, I can feel it, all around it, all consuming, in me, around me, it becomes me, this agonizingly repetitive motion, this ka-dum, ka-dum, I hear it in my very mind, it tries to escape. I can feel it, trying to beat its way out of me, trying to get away, but it can't. It's trapped within this web of veins and arteries, pushing and pulling but it can't be free.

Amazing. I love how the rhythm flows and keeps you in this steady beat just like a heart. The heart, trapped in the chest, is trying to break free and yet you get the feel that the person wants to be free as well. The constant sound of his heart is driving him crazy. The man has to live with and be constantly reminded of his humanity and his death which looms closer to him with each heart beat. But at the same time, his heart, his life is trying to get away from him, like his life, his soul doesn't want to be contianed in a flimsy human body but be free and alive.

Awesome, Cory! High five, kudos, amazing. I love it.

Here's a link to Cory's deviantart web site:

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