Friday, January 30, 2009

The Happy Sponge Poem

I was flipping through the pages of my sketch book and found this awesome poem that I wrote a while ago. I call it The Happy Sponge Poem.

I am such a lovely sponge,
Filtering the ocean and looking pretty.
All fluffy and porous,
Full of life.

Not like the synthetic sponge
So square and plain.
Scrubbing floors and dishes
Day in and day out.

…Now, I wouldn’t mind
Being a car-washing sponge
Voluptuous and soapy
I’d be a sexy sponge.

But, alas, the sea sponge
Is the best!

Isn't that just the greatest!? I wrote it in Marine Biology when I was learning about sponges. My friend was going on about the difference in synthetic sponges and sea sponges and how the sponges used to wash cars are pretty cool because they are big and round and fluffy. Lol, we're strange, I know. But it's awesome.

Friday, January 16, 2009

An Ocean View

While at the beach this last Sunday, I got some great shots that made awesome pieces of art. So, I present to you my works....

This picture I call The Long Way We've Traveled It represents the journey of my life so far and how I've come to be where I am in life. It's the long journey of life that we all deal with and we all have to overcome to find our own glimmer of happiness. (Taken 11 Jan 2009 in Lignano, Italy)

My Heart Belongs to the Sand It looks like a simple picture, but I went through the whole thing and erased all the sea shells and footprints that were stomping all over the place. The concept I had in mind when I took this was simple: people don't always give you the kind of peaceful, relaxed feelings you get from being on a quite beach...or in the mountains, or anywhere in nature where humanity hasn't totally over run the place. (Taken 11 Jan 2009 in Lignano, Italy)

Behold, the Battlefield Everytime I go to the beach, I always feel bad when I step on the shells that have washed up on the sand. I wanted to convey that feeling through this picture through the pieces of shells and the whole ones. The sienna hue gives it that forlorn kind of feel, which is really cool. (Taken 11 Jan 2009 in Lignano, Italy)

Are You There? It's Me I just wanted to take a really cool close up of sea shells. XD The picture turned out better than I thought, so Va-la! it is beautiful work of art. (Taken 11 Jan 2009 in Lignano, Italy)

Life is so Much Better With Hugs


You know the one thing I love the very very very most...HUGS!!!!
*hugs nearest person*
No, silly, Hersey's Hugs! But they don't sell them here in Italy, even on Base. So, I've gone through withdrawls, severe, shake-uncontrolably, blood-shot-eyes withdrawls.

It's very bad.

So, you can imagine my absolute joy when I walked into the Commissary and saw HUGS!! I couldn't contain my excitement and I bought three bags...I wanted to buy more, but I refrained.
I've been munching on the deliteful little pieces of heaven for the past three days.

Man, they are so good.