Friday, January 30, 2009

The Happy Sponge Poem

I was flipping through the pages of my sketch book and found this awesome poem that I wrote a while ago. I call it The Happy Sponge Poem.

I am such a lovely sponge,
Filtering the ocean and looking pretty.
All fluffy and porous,
Full of life.

Not like the synthetic sponge
So square and plain.
Scrubbing floors and dishes
Day in and day out.

…Now, I wouldn’t mind
Being a car-washing sponge
Voluptuous and soapy
I’d be a sexy sponge.

But, alas, the sea sponge
Is the best!

Isn't that just the greatest!? I wrote it in Marine Biology when I was learning about sponges. My friend was going on about the difference in synthetic sponges and sea sponges and how the sponges used to wash cars are pretty cool because they are big and round and fluffy. Lol, we're strange, I know. But it's awesome.

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