Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fast Cars, Freedom...Finals

Ok, so I actually have a blog on myspace but since not everyone has one, I caved and added one more thing to my list of usernames and passwords. Y'all better be thankful. XD

Today was the first day of Finals for my math class. It was supposed to be a two day test, but I finished early and my professor let me take the second half. It was pretty easy, most of the stuff that we've been learning in the class I learned in seventh grade. The college made me take it anyway. The hardest thing in the class was the chapter on Statistics: the one thing I can't do in math. Sure, give me Calculus, Trig, anything and I'll give you the right answer....give me statistics and I'll give you a funny look and find something else better to do with my time. Anyway, I'm done with that class now, I just have to check online every so often to make sure that I pass (not that I'm worried, I could fail the final and still pass.)

I'm not sure what classes I'll take next semester, probably some kind of writing class or something that I actually find interesting so that I don't feel like I'm wasting my time when I go to class.

So, I've been really hitting my Spanish hard and it's finally clicking. I've been reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish and I can actually understand as I read rather than having to go back and translate everything. There are a few things that I still have to look up but I'm finally getting a hang on the language. Thus my reason for putting learning Italian and German on hold for a while, though I'm still practicing Sign Language everyday.
...Which is kinda cool because I feel that I can actually say that I'm trilingual...not perfectly fluent in the languages but I can get by and I think that's good enough to qualify for trilinguality....if that makes any sense.
Well, I'm getting sleepy so buenos noches chicos!

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Holloway Family said...

You're so awesome Wendy. I love you. I told Kaitlyn she could start a blog too. She is way excited to be able to do that. Love you.