Monday, October 27, 2008

Celibacy and The Totally Hot Guys That Come With

In honor of my awesomest cousin MaKayla, I am taking a vow of celibacy....celibacy against soda. No longer will I partake of the most wicked sin of the soda drinking or covet this highly-caffinated drink. Instead I am turning to the new fad of coveting the veggies and the fruits. Given my family medical history, I can only benifit from this and save myself a whole lot of medical bills in the future. Plus, I love my cousin and want to support her. I friggin' love you MaKie!!!

Now, to fill all ya'll in on some things...there's this really cute guy that works at the clinic and he comes into the shoppette all the time. He's absolutely GORGEOUS!!! His eyes are the most clear, most adorable, to call them blue is a disgrace, they are...I don't even know the word for it. Anyway, when ever he sees me, he's like "Hey Wendy!" and I feel kind of bad because I don't know what his name is.
So, when he came into the shoppette the other day, as he was leaving (after we had chatted for a little while) I shouted after him "Hey! I have a question!"
He comes back all cool and suave and says, "Yeah?"
"What's your first name?" XDDDD yeah, cuz I can be just as suave as him.
Then of course, he mantains his savy and replies, "Richard, but my friends call me Rich so you can call me Rich."
Yeah buddy, I just got a new best friend. I want to sketch him, that's all there is to it.

Then there's the other guy. He came in a few weeks ago and declares his love for me before leaving....without a name or a date or anything. Well, he came in and being the little eavesdropper that I am, I found out his name is Josh....and even though he asked me if I was going to where ever the heck he was talking about, Mr. Hanks or Franks or something or other, I still don't have a date.

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