Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sunset on Wall Street

(I finally decided on a title for this poem so it can now be reveled to the public. Enjoy.)

Sunset on Wall Street

Bring me the sunset in a tea cup
And I will give you Wall Street in a can.
We'll sit on a dingy and reminisce
Dream of things that have passed,
Createe for ourselves a future-
If ever we get off the dingy.

I'll make a raft of hair for you
If you cry the ocean for me.
We'll make it off this dingy
For I cannot cry and you have no hair.

Then we'll share a dish of life
Grow old, watch teh sun drip across the sky
Until the last drop falls to the tea cup
And winks as the light goes out.

--Wendy Holloway (Oct 2008)

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