Sunday, November 2, 2008

Do the Trick or Treat

This year for Halloween, I dressed up as a mime! I had to work, then right after work I had the Primary Halloween party, so I just dressed up for work as well so that I could go right to the party.

Since I was a mime, I didn't talk at work (as much as possible seeing as I work customer service and had to answer the phone sometimes.) I would point to the total rather than tell people and just nod and make gestures. Some people thought I was someone for Kiss...LAME! No imagination, people. But they would figure it out when I wouldn't tell them their total. Some of the airmen tried to get me to talk, but I didn't!

The Primary activity was so much fun! I manned the "Bob for Donuts" station with the help of one of the Abbot boys...I can never remember his name. It was so much fun to see all my Primary kids dressed up, and of course they were the cutest ones! XP Andrew was a frog, Savannah a Lady Bug but her costume was so hot, she only wore it when she was going through Trick or Treating, Giovanni was the Black Spiderman, Raven the Phantom of the Opera (Yeah Raven!!), Lauren was Sleeping Beauty, Analena was Cinderella, and David was Batman. The most awesome costume, though, had to go to Alex in her Book of Mormon costume that she forgot to put arm holes in. Her brother stood behind her for the picture and was her arms. XD

I had to rush home though after that was done, because we also had a Young Single Adult activity at our house. No one showed up for the Young Single Adult activity though, it was just me and Aimee...which if you think about isn't too bad. With Vaughn out of town, that left two-thirds of the active single adults there at the activity. I had fun all the same. After I got all my make up off, which took twenty friggin' minutes of intense scrubbing (my face Hurt!), we watched scary movies until midnight or so. I had work the next morning, so we didn't go as long as we could have.

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