Thursday, November 27, 2008

Maybe I Just Think Too Much

As I'm sitting here, contemplating nothing in particular as I'm waiting to start cooking Thanksgiving dinner, I start thinking about Josh (the guy from the shoppette that proclaimed his love for me.) He's come into the shoppette every day for the past...two weeks or so and he always comes to my line and we flirt as I ring up his stuff and he leaves.

But I don't get it? What is the purpose of flirting? He comes in, we flirt, I smile and act all smexy and like I'm totally in to him....but then he leaves and I go back to work. What is the point? We didn't get anywhere and while he's convinced he's in love with me, I only know his name....and that's not even because he told it to me. I had to eavesdrop to become privy to that knowledge.

Cooking, on the other hand, is something I understand. I'm proud to report that both carrot cakes and one banana bread loaf turned out perfect! This after two failed attempts at making ginger bread and pumkin bread, (The failure was NOT due to my faulty cooking; the stupid oven, come to find out, is not heating properly. I know, what a nice surprise for Thanksgiving Day. XD) and dumping one banana bread all over the floor. Stupid chair got in my way.

*Shrug* oh well, I'll just go back to basting my turkey and be content with that....for now.

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