Monday, November 24, 2008

Wendy Eubank

Good morning ladies and gentleman, this is your Aviano weatherwoman, Wendy Eubank, reporting live and in the white coat today. That's right folks, the white coat is out of the closet and would you look outside.

That's right, you see it folks, there is SNOW in Aviano, Italy this morning. Temperatures are done near 32 degrees though I was so excited about the state of the atmosphere when I went outside this morning, it didn't feel that cold.

Now, this is truely a wonderful thing folks, for I have been deprived of snow for a very long two years and given the fact that snow is just the most wonderful thing ever, you can see how I've been suffering without it.

Well, folks, if you take a gander out the window, it seems to be picking up though it is nothing like the snowfall you see in Utah. In fact, this is projected to be one of the coldest winters in Aviano in then years. If this snow continues, they are likely to close the Base for the rest of the day (which is good because then I won't have to go to work.)

That's all I have for your weather happenings right now Again, this has been Wendy Eubank with your Aviano weather news. Back to you Matt.